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Dayton Section

Welcome to the Dayton Section of the American Chemical Society!

We are the local section of the American Chemical Society for chemists and other interested people working and living in the six-county Greater Dayton area. We organize and offer a range of outreach activities, as well as provide professional networking opportunities for professional chemists and students.


2020 Wrap Up

All news can be found on the news page and our Facebook page. Please like us to get our latest updates!

What We Do

As the local section of the American Chemical Society, we present a range of outreach activities to engage a range of students (including K-12 and university-level students) and the general public in chemistry as well as science in general. We also have a range of networking events, including talks and more informal meetings, to engage and enable our members to network and interact with each other.

As part of our mission and as enabled by some very generous donations in the past, we offer annually a range of different awards.

See the Activities page for further information.