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Patterson-Crane Award

The Columbus and Dayton, Ohio Sections of the American Chemical Society sponsor the Patterson-Crane Award for contributions to chemical information. It is international in scope and given in honor of two outstanding members of the Sections - Austin M. Patterson (1876-1956) and E.J. Crane (1889-1966).


The 2015 winner of the Patterson-Crane Award was Dr. Stephen R. Heller, Guest Researcher at NIST, for his work on the development of the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier. A brief biography is given here.

For previous years' winners, please see the Columbus Section website.

Award Ceremony

The 2015 ceremony was held in Columbus, OH on September 8th, 2015. Here are some photos:

The Award and its History

The biennial award consists of a $3,000 honorarium and a personalized commendation. The award is funded by a bequest of the Patterson family to the Dayton Section, by the Helen G. Crane Fund of the Columbus Foundation, and by the Patterson-Crane Award Fund of the Columbus Section.

The Austin M. Patterson Award was established in 1949 by the Dayton Section to acknowledge meritorious contributions in the field of chemical literature and especially documentation of chemistry. Dr. Patterson, the first recipient of the biennial award, was recognized for his leadership in organic chemical nomenclature and his work as editor of Chemical Abstracts. There were 13 additional recipients of this award, including E.J. Crane, who was editor of Chemical Abstracts from 1915-1958. Subsequently, there was a desire to honor and establish an award in his memory. In February 1975 the ACS Board of Directors accepted a proposal by the Dayton and Columbus Sections for a jointly sponsored Patterson-Crane Award. Through 2010 there have been 31 recipients of the joint award.


Nominees should demonstrate outstanding achievement in the field of chemical information science. Contributions of international significance may relate to design, development, production, or management of chemical information systems or services; electronic access to and retrieval of chemical information; critically evaluated data compilations; information technology applications in chemistry; or other significant chemical documentation, including production of original works, editorial work, or chemical library work. A nominee does not have to be an ACS member.

The Patterson-Crane Award Selection Jury consists of three members of the Columbus Section, three members of the Dayton Section, and the Chair of the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Information (or his or her designated representative).

Please see also the Columbus section webpage for this award.