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Annual Poster Session

The annual poster session is held annually typically in March or April at one of the local five four-year colleges that offer degree programs in chemistry. At this event, chemists at all levels - whether they are practicing professional chemists, graduate students or undergraduate students - are invited to present their latest research to the wider community of chemists in Dayton.

A number of cash awards are also offered to the best posters presented by graduate and undergraduate student researchers and is often a well-attended event. The Patterson College Chemistry Award is often also presented at this event.

2019 Poster Session

The 2019 Poster Session will be held on April 11th, 2019 (Thursday) at Curran Place on the University of Dayton campus. This is a joint meeting with the Midwest Chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering. Further details can be found on the meeting website.

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