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ACS logo and National Chemistry Week logos.  Marvelous Metals - October 20-26, 2019 - Celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table.  #NCW.

Dayton Regional Science Festival scenes 2012

Every year, the Section organizes a number of hands-on events in support of the National Chemistry Week. We typically sponsor two large-scale events at that time, featuring many hands-on activities for community members of all ages to explore different aspects of chemistry related to the theme for the year's National Chemistry Week. This is a great event to bring your children of all ages, who can experience these experiments first hand.

This year's events will be hosted:

These events are typically held over the weekend at Centerville Library and at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery (as ChemFEST).

For inquiries related to National Chemistry Week, please contact Prof. Melinda Greer, our National Chemistry Week coordinator.

Call for Volunteers for 2019

We will need a large number of volunteers for each of these events.  Historically, we need 8-10 volunteers present at any given time at the Boonshoft Museum event (October 19-20), and 5-6 volunteers present at the Centerville.  We therefore encourage our members, their family and friends, colleagues, and students to help with this event.  You don’t need to have much experience with the experiments – full briefing materials will be provided at the events!

If you are interested in volunteering for either of these events, please contact Melinda Greer at or 937-231-1119 with your name, contact information, and the event and hours that you would like to volunteer for. At all events, we will have several hands on experiments exploring this year’s theme “Marvelous Metals". We need 5-6 volunteers for the library and 8-10 at each shift for the Boonshoft event, so even an hour or two of your time would be appreciated. This is a great opportunity to interact with young minds and support your local section!