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High School Awards

The Dayton Section celebrates top-flight work by chemistry students at the high school level through a number of awards that are given. There are two competitions each year:

Patterson High School Chemistry Award

Originally established by Charles A. Thomas and Caroll A. Hochwalt, former Dayton chemists and Monsanto researchers, the top chemistry students in the area have been recognized under the auspices of the Dayton Section since 1943. In 1990, the family of the late Austin M. Patterson, also a prominent Dayton chemist, assumed sponsorship.

This is a two-step process:

All area high school students are invited to take the Local Section Chemistry Olympiad Examination typically held in March of each year (typically at Centerville High School and at Central State University Downtown Campus). Past papers for this examination can be found on the ACS website.

Based on the results of this examination:

  1. The top scoring student from each high school (from each of CHEM 1 and CHEM 2, where applicable) are each awarded a plaque.
  2. The top 10 scoring students from the written examination are invited to enter an essay-writing competition. Based on this, monetary awards and plaques will be awarded to the top three entrants. In addition, those three students' chemistry teachers will be given a small monetary reward as well.
  3. The top eight students (with no more than two from each high school) will be nominated to participate in the National Chemistry Olympiad.

Those students falling in categories 1 or 2 are named Patterson High School Chemistry Scholars and will be presented their awards by section officials.

This year's awards will be announced and presented on 25th May, 2017 with a social beginning at 5:15 pm and with the ceremony beginning at 6:00 pm in Room 146, Wohlleben Hall (Chemistry Department), University of Dayton (directions; map). A limited number of visitor parking spaces are available in Lot B; prticipants can pick up parking

For more details regarding the Patterson High School Chemistry Competition or the Chemistry Olympiad, please contact Dr. Barry Farmer, Chair of the Patterson High School Chemistry Awards Committee.

Marie Daly High School Chemistry Competition

In order to encourage more participation in chemistry by inner-city high school students, the Dayton Section in conjunction with Central State University launched a new competition directed at these students in 2012. The award is named for Marie Daly, who was the first African American woman to earn a PhD in Chemistry (in 1947).

This competition is designed to help overcome barriers to success in chemistry competition with these students, as while all students in the area are encouraged to participate, unfortunately the Patterson High School Chemistry Competition has historically been dominated by suburban schools with large AP Chemistry programs.

High school chemistry students attending Dayton Public Schools and publicly-funded charter schools that lie within the Dayton Public Schools catchment area (such as DECA) are invited to compete in an essay competition. Winners in this competition will be given cash awards.

Information on the 2016 competition will be announced in early 2016.